Full list of winners in the Live365 awards

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Full list of winners in the Live365 awards

Postby [AsC]Frags » Sun May 01, 2005 7:49 am

For those who are interested here is the full list of winners:

80s (Classic Alternative) > 10K TLH

Club 80s With DJ Lex (56k) XXXXXXX

80s (Classic Alternative) < 10K TLH
It came from the 80's (32k mp3PRO) xxxxxxx

Alternative Rock > 10K TLH

Y100 Rocks! (64k mp3PRO) xxxxx

Alternative Rock < 10K TLH

Alternodaze! 1980-2005 (64k mp3PRO) xxxx


Blue IceWater Radio tm (32k) xxxx

Christian > 10K TLH

Praise on Fire Radio (32k) xxxxx

Christian < 10K TLH

Holy Ghost Radio (64k mp3PRO) xxxxx


Contemporary Classical (32k mp3PRO) xxxx

Classic Rock > 10K TLH

BEATLES-A-RAMA!!! (64k mp3PRO) xxx

Classic Rock < 10K TLH

Somewhere USA (64k mp3 PRO) xxx


Joke A Day Radio (24k) xxxx

Country > 10K TLH

Absolutely Country (64k mp3PRO) xxx

Country < 10K TLH

Lonestar Country WITX (32k mp3PRO) xxx

Easy Listening

Lovin' An Elevator (56k) xxx

Electronica > 10K TLH

HouseMusic101.com (56k) xx

Electronica < 10K TLH

Gen-Xer's Hit Parade (32k mp3PRO) xxx


radiowayne (32k mp3PRO) xx


Cat Galaxy (64k mp3PRO) xxx

Hip Hop

TheBassment.Com HipHop (56k) xxx


Toast Radio xxx



Jazz > 10K TLH

aTTeNTioN sPaN raDiO (64k mp3PRO)

Jazz < 10K TLH

Swing2jazz (24k)

Metal and Hard Rock

Alternative Nation (56k)

New Age

Internet Oasis (32k)

Oldies > 10K TLH

POP GOES THE '70s! (56k)

Oldies < 10K TLH

Golden OLDIES (32k)

Old Time Radio (OTR)

Rat Patrol Radio (24k)

Pop > 10K TLH

ROCKLAND USA: Pop Rock (64k mp3PRO)

Pop < 10K TLH

LG73 Vancouver [LIVE] (64k mp3PRO)

RnB > 10K TLH

SoulsVilleOnline.com (64k mp3PRO)

RnB < 10K TLH

Philly PhatTracks (32k)

Reggae > 10K TLH

Creation Steppin' (64k mp3PRO)

Reggae < 10K TLH

raspect radio (56k mp3PRO)


Streaming Soundtracks


The Mr X Radio Show (32kmp3PRO)


Highlander Radio (64k mp3PRO)

Best New Station (< 1 year old)

Somewhere USA (64kmp3PRO)

Best Stations You've Never Heard (< 500 TLH)

500KV (16k)

Endless Summer (56k)

Best Stations You've Never Heard (< 500 TLH)

MpFreeUK (56k mp3PRO)

Best Stations You've Never Heard (< 500 TLH)

Tess's Indie-Wave (32k)

Most unlikely to hear on AM/FM radio

Club 80s With DJ Lex (56k)

Best Political Station


Guilty Pleasure Station

Muppet Central Radio (32k)

Best Station to Help Get Over a Lousy Breakup

Lonely Radio (56k)

Best Live Show

BAGel Radio Friday Live

Best Station Brand (logo, style, website, liners, etc)

Celtic Pub Radio (32k)

Best Community Station

Y100 Rocks! (64kmp3PRO)

Best Station to Discover New Music

Toast Radio (56k)

Best On-Air Personality

Phil Kushnir - LG73 Vancouver

Most Helpful Broadcaster

bamman - aTTeNTioN sPaN raDiO

Broadcaster of the Year

ROCKLAND USA: Pop Rock (64k mp3PRO)
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